Research Institute for Precision Medicine, University of Patras

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Precision Medicine aims to determine the genetic makeup of each person and to combine this knowledge with the clinical manifestation (phenotype) of the disease at the molecular, cellular, histological or organismal level, in order to enable personalized medical care. Precision medicine applies innovative methods of high-throughput analysis of genomes and phenotypes (Next Generation Sequencing, metabolomics, proteomics, high-content imaging), in combination with clinical data and environmental factors, to enable accurate diagnosis, prognosis and targeted, personalized treatment. It employs bioinformatics analysis of big data, computational intelligence and modeling. Precision medicine can be applied in the clinic for various diseases, including oncological, haematological, neurological, cardiological, phychiatric, paidiatric and other disorders.

The goal of the Institute of Precision Medicine of the University of Patras is to develop and apply interdisciplinary approaches in order to comprehend the molecular basis of disease; identify new biomarkers for diagnosis and prognosis; offer certified diagnostic and prognostic services; facilitate the development and application of personalized care and improve quality of life.

Work experience
  • Research in the interdisciplinary field of Precision Medicine, development of and access to advanced technologies for analyzing genotypes and phenotypes, genomic analyses and high-throughput data analysis for medical applications.
  • Creating a Hub of Excellence in Precision Medicine at the University of Patras, through the synergy of state-of-the-art technologies and interdisciplinary research.
  • Offering innovative health services in precision medicine, for diagnosis, prognosis, therapy and population genetic analysis.
  • Promoting education in the field of Precision Medicine, in collaboration with undergraduate, postgraduate and life-long training programs of the University of Patras.
  • Connecting the University with the productive sector through the establishment of collaborations with industry, research and educational institutions and local authorities and the participation in national and international networks in Precision Medicine.
  • Informing health professionals, the productive sector, local and central government and the general public for the prospects and applications of Precision Medicine in medical care.
Honors & awards